Our Process

A History of Innovation

At ASK Research & Development, we have a long history of transforming ideas to reality; but it’s more than taking a concept and turning it into a product. We help our clients build products that endure and satisfy on every possible level by beginning with a well-defined approach.

Experience has taught us the right questions to ask to make this happen:

The Value of Feedback

We believe that once due diligence has been satisfied, product development is a process. There are likely several iterations before an idea has the potential of being commercialized. The quicker we can understand your value proposition and design, engineer and produce your idea, the quicker you will be able to get the all important market feedback and continue the iterative process. When you expedite your product’s release to market, feedback follows suit.

The key is getting enough feedback so that intelligent design and engineering decisions can be made for the next iteration. There is no good news or bad news in market feedback—it’s simply your customers providing you with a road map to success.

Rebuilding Greatness, Enhancing Excellence

In addition to new product development, the ASK R&D team excels when presented with the challenge of returning a product or piece of equipment to its former glory, making modifications in the field or completing domestic redesign for an established International product.

Companies with aging machinery or other equipment that is vital to their business rely on us to quickly restore functionality with precision and minimal downtime. Surgeons trust us to sharpen or modify surgical tools which help increase efficiency and improve patient outcomes. Our diverse experience combined with the broad capabilities of our machine shop has earned us the reputation as a valuable and responsive re-engineering resource.

Whether you’re starting with an idea or looking to fix a proven solution, contact our team to discuss your options.