Mechanical Design

Innovative Design, Intelligent Approach

While creative industrial designers provide a great beginning, it’s innovative mechanical engineering that enables the launch of a successful product. When an intelligent design is combined with careful consideration to regulatory requirements, materials and manufacturing methods, the ability to meet the consumer-driven timeline and price point increases substantially.

At ASK Research & Development, our broad expertise and strong design for manufacturing (DFM) background drives our understanding of what it takes to combine inspired design with business practicalities. During the pre-production design process, we leverage our CAD and CAM experience to improve performance while saving money. Projects that fall within our realm of experience gain a significant advantage. The more our team understands your business and goals, the better the result.

Products in any phase—from new development and reverse engineering to domestic redesign and product modifications—can capitalize on our ability to optimize. The end result is a product that meets internal and customer expectations for competitive market positioning.

Contact us today to discuss your mechanical design needs and how our expertise can further your goals.