Project Management

Project Management: Expert Guidance to Keep you On Track

Experience matters. Every day, our clients see how the diverse industrial design, engineering and prototyping experience we’ve acquired since 1978 allow us to expertly guide them. We’ve experienced failures and successes, and we’ve analyzed every one to understand what went wrong—and how to circumvent it in the future—as well as how to repeat the victories.

Our In-House Advantage

Our value as project managers lies in our ability to provide expert consultation and offer new mechanical ideas to enhance a project. Added to that equation is our unique ability to weld, fabricate and machine in-house. Not only does this allow us to move in-house projects quickly, it provides us with the insight necessary to advise on production timelines and help make a smooth transition to high quality, high quantity production facilities when it’s time for mass production.

Throughout the entire project management process, we constantly ensure quality control measures are in place to meet stringent demands from staff, regulators and consumers alike.

Contact us today to discuss your project and how our expert guidance can help—whether you’re seeking to revolutionize the market with a new product or bring an existing powerhouse product to the U.S. with domestic redesign.