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Win a Chance to Have Lunch on Scott!
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What Was That?

Once again DeltaWing Racing is a leader in innovation. Their newly designed engine mount is the result of hundreds of iterations for progressive efficiency. The project was yet another opportunity for to come alongside and help a leader in their field achieve their goals.
Congratulations to Panoz DeltaWing Racing!
Steris and ASK
Find Solutions

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The Steris leaded glass shield is ceiling mounted and is for patient and surgeon safety. Offering protection during procedures that require c-arm fluoroscopy, this solution is the result of collective effort between ASK and Steris. Due to shorter arm travel and the specifics of certain procedures, the doctor was not being properly shielded. As a result he was having to take the redundant measure of wearing a radiation apron.
Nexxspan, in conjunction with ASK, modified the support arm assembly by designing and producing an 18-inch arced extension. This allows for additional travel, flexibility, and better protection for the clinician and the patient. The Steris sales representative Hunter Edwards and PM George Gounaris worked collaboratively with the hospital and ASK to design, engineer, and fabricate the extension.
Everyone is excited when the Krispy Kreme "Hot Now" sign is lit, but did you know that ASK has literally helped keep their light on? built a key component for their production line to keep the hot doughnuts coming!
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