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What Is That?

Win a Chance to Have Lunch on Scott!
Take a look at the photo and see if you can determine what is pictured. If you think you might have figured this out, Send Scott a note, and if you're right, he's buying you lunch!
What Was That?

"What was that" from the last newsletter is important to the safety of others. Coming to ASK with this ER safety need, Stryker Bed Restraints were quickly developed and put into production to keep Emergency Rooms safer! Please include the original image in the section as well.
Trojan Color Systems and ASK

John Parker, President of Trojan Color Systems sat down recently to share the story of his business and working with ASK. Trojan Color Systems is a thriving 3-year-old company founded on the mission to provide digital color printing solutions, everything from integration to finishing and the related consumables. Stepping into their location in Norcross Georgia, it's evident this is a sophisticated print facility.

Through his partnership with ASK, the team at Trojan Color Systems exercises their innovative spirit to reduce cost as well as production time from hours to seconds. There are many examples of projects together. In one example, a 6-hour job has been reduced to 10 minutes! In sharing the many stories about working on innovative solutions with ASK, John shared one project that you see in the photo. The wooden design that John took to Ray and Doug is a sharp contrast to the finished product built by ASK. This fully integrated high-speed label cutter is controlled by a computer board inside and drives a high-speed rotary cutter. Take a look at the video.

John commented that the ASK team is a true partner. Starting with a wooden model, a prototype was completed in just two weeks and another 2 weeks the finished product was in production! Currently, there are many in use around the USA without a single complaint. Trojan is hoping to sell another 25 to 50 this year as the word gets out about the efficiency of the high-speed label cutter. Great news John, we look forward to supporting you!

John is not the only entrepreneur in the family, His wife Amy has invented a new healthy peanut butter bite and is selling that in Juice Bars and other retail locations. Guess who is printing the labels for her?

We are grateful to customers like Trojan Color systems and the partnership we share. "we couldn't do the things we do for our customers without business partners like ASK Research" concluded John. "Thank you for all you do for us."
Feel The Speed!

Delta Wing's latest video with Andy Meyrick

Andy Meyrick takes the DeltaWing coupe around the 1.968-mile street circuit on his debut at Long Beach. Meyrick secured a 1:16.006 lap time in qualifying, taking the coupe to a P6 grid position in the 2016 BUBBA Burger Sports Car Grand Prix at Long Beach.

Renewing the World Energy Outlook!

According to the International Energy Agency report, “World Energy Outlook 2015” over 60% of dollars going to new electricity generation capability will be spent on renewable technologies. By 2040, renewable electricity production will be around 8.3 trillion kWhr, equal to all of the 2015 electricity generation for the US, China, and EU. Solar panels today generate far less than 1% of the worldwide electricity output, but that number is expected to grow to about 20% of the worldwide output by 2040. That growth will require new technologies and manufacturing processes that drastically reduce the cost of producing Photovoltaics (PV) or solar panels.

The total worldwide installed capacity of solar panels in 2015 was around 200 GW, with around 60 GW installed that year. Forecasts for the next five years indicate an average demand growth of 15 GW per year, doubling the annual demand for Photovoltaics (PV) panels in only four years. However, the capacity of the solar industry to manufacture panels was also at about 60 GW at the end of 2015, so there will need to be massive investments in new capacity to meet the growing demand. It takes about $1 per W to build new capacity for silicon-based solar panels which account for over 90% of all production. That means the industry will need to spend over $15 billion per year to keep up with the demand growth.

Energy Materials Corporation, a start-up company incubated at ASK Research, is scaling up a new PV technology that has the potential to reduce the capital required by 90% in building manufacturing capacity. Coupling low capital cost manufacturing, low manufactured product cost and high-performance electronic materials, EMC is making great strides to improve global energy efficiency by increased use of renewable energy resources. Come visit Energy Materials Corporation

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