About Us

Unconventional Knowledge, Responsive Design

ASK Research & Development is a recognized leader among engineering, design and machine specialty shops because of the unconventional knowledge we’ve accumulated across diverse markets. From expedited concept and product development to prototypes and consulting services, our team has the insight, expertise and resources to complete projects quickly and within budget constraints.

From Simple Modifications to Lockheed Martins Skunk Works® Style Innovation

Our drive to innovate, diverse expertise and in-house capabilities has positioned us as a resource for a diverse client base—from individuals or R&D centers seeking an invention incubator to integrators and companies needing a source to build, enhance or recreate irreplaceable equipment.

Across all projects, it is our highly responsive versatility and expertise that drives success. Whether you need last-minute modifications to a prototype or have an idea that could revolutionize your market, contact our team to begin a dialogue.