Product Development

New Product Development Services

Every new product starts with an idea, but even great ideas can wither if not properly executed. At ASK Research & Development, decades of experience have taught us how to evaluate and develop a new product in order to optimize success.

Our team begins with a due diligence process that addresses core business issues such as:

Conceptual Development & Design

Once due diligence has been satisfied, our team begins conceptual development where we research industry needs, define goals and determine what’s possible. Then we put our creativity, problem solving and mechanical genius to work to create designs and prototypes.

Next, design iteration allows us to test, analyze and refine a product until goals are met and quality is assured. Throughout the process, we leverage our experience to ensure the project stays within time and budget constraints, and open communication ensures we never stray far from your goals.

ASK Advantages

The ASK advantage lies in our decades of expertise, strong design for manufacturing (DFM) background and in-house machine shop. Our shop, which offers the unique ability to weld, fabricate and machine, maintains a high level of versatility and a flexible schedule in order to deliver quick turn-around prototyping and development. From there, our team will help you make a smooth transition to dependable, high quantity production facilities upon product release.

Leverage our experience, dynamic team environment and unyielding drive to innovate. Contact us today to discuss your product development needs.