Our History

A History of Precision

ASK Research & Development was founded in 1978 by Andy Cisternino, a crew chief of racing legend Al Unser who won the Indianapolis 500 four times. Our racing heritage has forged our culture, creating an enterprise with a sense of urgency and a dedication to precision.

Since that time, we have combined those two attributes with the broad industrial design, engineering and prototyping experience acquired across diverse market verticals to build a culture of innovation and responsiveness.

Responsive Service

Responsiveness is vital. From seconds on the race track to weeks in the shop, time and success often go hand-in-hand. At ASK Research & Development, we keep a fluid schedule to facilitate quick turn-around for those times our clients need projects completed immediately.

Its in the Details

Experience taught us how even small improvements can make the difference between losing and winning. While our application of this level of precision has changed over the years, the result is the same; one project helped medical procedures to be less invasive, reduce infection and promote faster healing.

The ASK Research & Development team makes the puzzle pieces fit. Contact us now to discuss how you can leverage our expertise.